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Nakato Japanese Steak House and Sushi bar

1734 Sam Rittenberg Blvd
Charleston, SC  29407
(843) 769-7475
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Nakato Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar

Our cooking philosophy is to serve you the freshest, most delicious, and nutritious meals, prepared with simple, high-quality ingredients. We take care not to overcook any food meant to be served hot, and avoid using additives and flavor enhancers. We make our sauces and salad dressings fresh daily to ensure their tastiness.

We have put serious thought into making each sushi selection and meal at our restaurant both an experience for the senses and inviting in their presentation. From the hand-selected and prepared fish, to the crisp vegetables, to the carefully created marinades and sauces, We make sure each menu item you select is prepared just right!

The Japanese believe that food should satisfy all the senses. To this end, all selections from our restaurant and Sushi menus are prepared with great care and a beautiful presentation. Seasonings are usually very simple in order to enhance the natural flavor of core ingredients. You can enjoy our food with the pleasure of our personalized, friendly, and prompt service.

About Our Sushi

Sushi consists of rice, a foundation food in Japanese cuisine, topped with fresh, seasonal seafood, and a wide variety of vegetables, and omelet's. Sushi generally is served as a main course, accompanied by our soup, but it provides a light and healthy meal. Some sushi is prepared by rolling seafood or vegetable fillings in tender, green nori seaweed. Rice used in sushi is typically delicately flavored with vinegar. The raw fish and seafood in sushi contain healthy omega-3 fatty acids, many vitamins and minerals, and little cholesterol.


About Our Sashimi

Sashimi means a fresh cut of raw fish, and refers to artistically arranged plates of raw seafood and sliced, fresh fish. Soy and other dipping sauces, plus wasabi, are served with sashimi. Rice may be served on the side. Sashimi is usually served as one of the entrée's provided in your meal.